Complaints Management Software

Complaint Management Software

Customer complaint management system

Fast Complaint management software is a online complaint management system designed to help organizations effectively manage and handle customer complaints using 8D problem solving methodology. It streamlines the complaint handling process, performing root cause analysis, defining corrective actions and preventive actions which in turn improves customer satisfaction, and helps businesses maintain a good reputation. Fast Complaint Management Software is developed in adherence to the ISO and IATF standards.
It provides a centralized platform for receiving, tracking, and managing customer complaints, ensuring a systematic approach to complaint resolution. Complaint management software provides comprehensive complaint 8D status tracking dashboard, allowing users to view the current status of the complaint real-time.
Reporting and analytics tools provide valuable insights into complaint trends, response times, and customer satisfaction, aiding in process improvement. Integration capabilities enable seamless data exchange with other systems such as CRM for enhancing overall customer service capabilities.

Key Features Of Complaint Management Software

Customer complaint management solution

8D Status Tracking Dashboard with real time data update.

Complaints management software solution

Root Cause Analysis using Ishikawa Fishbone Diagram

QMS Software for Complaints Management

5-Why Analysis for root causes to find the potential root cause

Complaint Management and Tracking Software

Notifications and Escalation via Email / SMS / WhatsApp

Complaints management process

Integration with Third Party Softwares (SAP, Oracle, Legacy ERP, Tally, etc)

Complaints process management

CAPA Planning, Execution, Follow-up and Evaluation.

Complaints system

Output report via 8D Report Software in complaince to ISO and IATF standards.

Complaints software

Modular, Scalable, Multilingual and Flexible

Benefits Of Complaint Management System

Complaints handling process

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Complaints system

Reduced time for documentation

Complaints software

Prioritize CAPA actions

Complaint Management Software

Complaince with Quality Standards

Complaints handling process

Easy Analysis of root causes

Complaint Management features

Centralised document management for easy retrieval of documents

Customer complaints management

Timely alerts for Actions

Complaint Management System

Prevent Complaints Recurrence

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